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      Striped Marlin Fishing in New Zealand

      Whether it’s the massive Pacific blue marlin in Kona, giant Atlantic blue marlin in the Azores or the plentiful white marlin fishery in North Carolina, each and every location comes with its own fishing style and methods unique to the fishery. Over the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the globe and […] More

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      Lure Fishing: Perfecting the Art

      Crews targeting sailfish and marlin with natural bait have raised their game to a whole new level as dredges have become a staple in the spread. But if you want to target blue marlin, you better be ready to pull lures — and there are some incredible custom lure makers today creating works of art […] More

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      Isla Mujeres Offers Great Sailfish Numbers

      At first, it looks like a dark smudge on the pink and white horizon. As we move closer, individual specks emerge from the cloud, wheeling in ever-tightening circles hundreds of feet into the air. The spiraling tornado reaches all the way to the water’s surface where black tijereta birds must fold up their long wings […] More

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      63 Scarborough – Boat Review

      If there’s one thing I enjoy more than testing a new Scarborough boat, it’s fishing one, so the drive to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to meet owner Mike Standing was filled with anticipation. Waterman is everything you expect from a Scarborough and more, and the next day was perfect for getting to know her. Before we […] More

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