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63 Scarborough – Boat Review

The Master Ensuite

The Master Ensuite.

Courtesy Scarborough

The head features another vanity and a walk-in shower with molded-in seat.

The Guest Stateroom

The Guest Stateroom.

Courtesy Scarborough

The guest stateroom with full head is to port.

The Double-Bunk Room

The Double-Bunk Room.

Courtesy Scarborough

The double-bunk room is on the starboard-side.

The Day-Head

The Day-Head Room.

Courtesy Scarborough

The day-head off the companionway that features a washer and dryer hidden behind cabinet doors.

Engine Room

The engine room is home to a pair of MAN’s latest 1,550 hp diesels and two Northern Lights 21 kW generators.

Courtesy Scarborough

The engine room is home to a pair of MAN’s latest 1,550 hp diesels and two Northern Lights 21 kW generators. Three large horizontal doors form the forward bulkhead and lift to reveal the dual Headhunter pumps, a hot water heater and tank, ice maker and a center toolbox.

Short And Sweet

It’s a little short on headroom but certainly not hard to work in.

Courtesy Scarborough

The Seakeeper 9 stabilizer unit is forward of the toolbox in its own compartment, and a Spot Zero system is found along the port side. Raw water for the engines and other systems is drawn through a pair of sea chests just forward of the engines. It’s a little short on headroom but certainly not hard to work in.

The Bridge

The Command Console

Courtesy Scarborough

The bridge is nicely sized and laid out with a command console situated port to center, with three Garmin 8617 multifunction displays interfaced into a glass-helm arrangement. A fourth Garmin unit is mounted in the overhead forward of the electric teaser reel compartment. Waterman had recently been fitted with the latest electronics from Garmin, including their hot new GMR 2526 xHD2 6-foot 25 kW open-array radar.

Comfortable And Effective

The Release Marine Helm Chairs

Courtesy Scarborough

Captain and guest sit on Release Marine helm chairs with seating on the forward side of the console and to starboard. Seven of us were comfortable there for a good portion of the ride back to the dock.

Power And Control

Offshore Performance

Courtesy Scarborough

Our day fishing offshore gave me the opportunity to see how Waterman performed where she’s meant to be: offshore, and she’s a champ. The hull rode nicely in a variety of sea conditions, with the angle of attack automatically controlled by the ingenious Humphree Interceptor trim tab system. Instead of using planing surfaces like conventional tabs, these units employ blades that are deployed vertically, creating lift. The system incorporates a gyro and computer that automatically adjusts the running angle of the hull and maintains an even keel to preset parameters, or they can be manually adjusted from the helm. They also retract automatically when the boat stops or is put into reverse. Combined with the Seakeeper, the boat was a joy throughout the day.


Offshore Performance

Courtesy Scarborough

She’s fast, boasting an impressive 40-knot top-end, and the big MAN engines are extremely quiet and economical, burning a miserly 70 gph at 26.5 knots and 107 gph at a fast 33-knot cruise. In talking with Scarborough during the day, it was obvious he was proud of the boat’s performance and seakeeping abilities. I didn’t have to ask Standing his opinion — it was written all over his face while he was running her. The 63 Scarborough Waterman performs every bit as well as she looks, and she is ­definitely a looker.