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    Lure Fishing: Perfecting the Art

    Crews targeting sailfish and marlin with natural bait have raised their game to a whole new level as dredges have become a staple in the spread. But if you want to target blue marlin, you better be ready to pull lures — and there are some incredible custom lure makers today creating works of art […] More

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    Isla Mujeres Offers Great Sailfish Numbers

    At first, it looks like a dark smudge on the pink and white horizon. As we move closer, individual specks emerge from the cloud, wheeling in ever-tightening circles hundreds of feet into the air. The spiraling tornado reaches all the way to the water’s surface where black tijereta birds must fold up their long wings […] More

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    63 Scarborough – Boat Review

    If there’s one thing I enjoy more than testing a new Scarborough boat, it’s fishing one, so the drive to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to meet owner Mike Standing was filled with anticipation. Waterman is everything you expect from a Scarborough and more, and the next day was perfect for getting to know her. Before we […] More