The 10 Best Lures to Catch Marlin and Sailfish

Any small jet or bullet on the shotgun

A large majority of anglers like to pull a jet or bullet-shaped lure on the shotgun. Almost everyone who makes a jet was represented in the sampling, with no one manufacturer coming out a clear winner which pretty much sums up Capt. Peter B. Wright’s third favorite choice: “Any brand of conical, symmetrical, metal jet head has caught more 1,000-pound-plus blue marlin than any other lure.” And here’s my theory on why: Because everybody in Hawaii is pulling one on the shotgun trying to catch a tuna! When the majority of crews are pulling the same style lure, in mostly the same position, in one of the premier big blue marlin destinations, it’s going to get eaten a lot.

And since the fish doesn’t have to pluck the lure off the water’s surface and can catch it with relative ease, the hookup percentage of the heavy lure is going to be pretty darn good. While you hear a lot of claims about jets whistling like wounded squid or creating bubbles through the jet holes, I think a jet or bullet-headed lure’s main advantage lies in its relatively small size and lack of a side-to-side motion. Bart Miller insists that his Black Bart Pro Jet is the best jet ever and the only one of his lures that never comes out of the spread, and I’m not going to argue with him.

The 10 Best Marlin Lures

Mold Craft Wide Range
Mold Craft Super Chugger
Pakula Lumo Sprocket
Tournament Tackle Ilander Lure
Copa Fishing Lures Tado
Joe Yee Super Plunger
Marlin Magic Ruckus
Black Bart 1656
Bob Schneider Yap
Any small jet or bullet on the shotgun